UK immigration death sentences – targets over policy, compassion, thought, and common sence

Thursday, March 13th, 2008 - sunday thoughts

I have always though and believed that the UK was a fair and open minded society, but I am out raged at the actions of our Labour government.

When I lived in Kent, I knew what the immigration problem was – all I needed to do was to drive to Dover from Tunbridge Wells (optionally take a Shuttle to Calais), and count the number of people trying to break into my car, or act like rabbits in front of it for a lift to London. The other option when working in Croydon was to take lunch in the High Street (where the main appeals office for UK Immigration is), and see how many times you were asked for directions. Summary: I knew there was an immigration problem before the Government announced there was one.

The outrage of the public came when the volume of these economic migrants were exposed by the Daily Mail amongst others – bastions of the middle classes. So suddenly echo’s of Michael Howard-esque policy came thundering from the Home Office, as migrants were viciously pursued and sent home – firstly with large lumps of cash on BA airplanes, now with an appropriate amount of cash on a charter jet.

However, the problem of this target driven system is – it forgets the humanitarian clause, which all countries who are members of the UN sign into. I guess in the case of this lady who was suffering from cancer, that because it was only a local campaign “fair care” means dumping you in a place with no care; where as the case for this young man who is also most likely condemned to a death sentence, is worthy of Home Secretary review.

I can’t see that personally either case is deserving of a target driven death sentence on behalf of my country – but apparently, policy is driven by the media and the Government have lost it in their targets.

Please don’t ask me why I can’t vote Labour at the next election – I don’t have pockets financially deep enough to afford the moral and humanitarian cost of them any more

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