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Explaining gap in CV

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Paul asks: I have been away from main stream employment for six months. I have also been out of the country for six months, mainly due to going through a separation with my wife and needing time to think. Now I need to get back into the job market and need to know how to explain the six month gap in my CV to a prospective employer? Is it OK to include personal details about my failed marriage in my CV? How much should I include about my personal life in my CV?

In answer:
The last thing any employer wants to hear about are present negatives. These are issues in your present life or recent past which could have a negative distraction on your ability to concentrate and hence not work to your full ability

These include: disputes with former employers (particularly where they are still live/legal); personal life issues such as relationship breakdowns; and unresolved medical issues

I am ready to work

You need to be able to say, at worse:

Yes, I had an issue, but it is resolved now, 100% stable, and I am fully ready to work.

Rule number 1 in any job application is never, ever lie – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t miss out some issues which are irrelevant to your application.

I would simply say that having worked for a long period of time, and had relatively short holiday periods where you wanted to rest over explore, you took an opportunity to travel and explore some countries you had always wanted to. A good HR person will explore the reasons for your “opportunity” in interview, to which you can then say that you had a relationship breakdown combine with a need to change employers, and to gain clarity took some time out travelling. You now want to work again in the area applied for.

Good Luck!

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