University graduate needs job search help!

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University Graduate

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Frank asks: I am really desperate to get a job. I will do any thing to get a job, up to the point of anything that is not illegal. I am man honest, hard working man who likes to stay on the good side. A little about me:

  • I am 20, studying at Brunel University for a Economics Degree in my last year.
  • I am a confidant communicator with excellent written and verbal skills. Approachable with a good sense of humour, I am an organized stickler for detail, with the ability to think both laterally and strategically. I am fully capable of following my own innovative and creative edge, although I can also follow others.
  • I enjoy jobs that test my abilities, and allow me to show my full potential and creativeness. I feel my ability to understand people and analyse the requirements of others, enables me to make proactive decisions. I always strive to achieve optimum results within the workplace.

In answer:
Simple question: what is it you want to do? If you see your life at aged 40, what are you doing?

Once you figure that out, find someone who took an economics degree, and got to where you want to get to – how did they do it, who did they work for, etc?

There are some industries – finance, car manufacture, construction – which are down at or about 50% annually at present. Forget getting a job in those sectors. Define a job you want that matches your skills, and then go to one of the big jobs boards and tap in the main criteria in the geography you seek. If you can’t find a job in that sector, then its either a problem of:

  • sector (economic)
  • geography (to tight)
  • criteria/skills (to tight)

Open up the search criteria in that order until you find at least six jobs listed. If that’s on a national level, then just accept that you need to look in another sector/skill set.

People are getting employed right now, its just that they have a vision and know what they want to do. Those who don’t will not get employed until the economy picks up – so get a vision for your life, and follow it

Good Luck!

Note: this situation is typical of University graduates – most don’t know what they want to do, and have gone into University thinking that any degree is a passport to any job. Employers are more skills orientated these days, and can afford to be – 60% of A Level students will appear three/four years later with a degree, plus at present there is a glut of skilled with proven job experience graduates. Hence employers can afford to wait for the best, and pay less. If you get focused, then you can find work – but you need to know what you want to do, and be able to communicate that to any potential employer

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One Response to “University graduate needs job search help!”

  1. Rob Says:

    You should also consider a variety of temporary/contract assignments. This may start as a means to an end but could also result in some great experience and contacts.

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