Video CV resignation

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Video CV resignation

There is a lot of debate at present about both the Online Profile and the Video CV – are they more effective than a piece of paper? But one thing that should be remembered about all CV’s, is that evidence follows you everywhere in the new online world.

For instance, how about using the media of video to resign?

Birmingham Mail

Birmingham Mail journalist Adam Smith – aka Steve Zacharanda – decided he wanted to support the campaign of Barack Obama: but how would he persuade his editor that he could go to America? He decided to choose a swing-state, and as he couldn’t pronounce Ohio, decided to go to – Miami, Florida (wonder why a UK journalist would want to go to sunny Florida in the damp, cold UK autumn?).

After Obama won, Smith had to deliver the promised article to his editor, so dutifully logged in to the Birmingham Mail web system from Miami in the after-win party, to record his copy. However, he got caught on video somewhat worsefor drink by one of his Dutch colleagues…….

Videoed in a drunken stupor, Smith admits that he has had lots of fun with local ladies, and is now plagiarising the BBC for his filed copy: oh, and decides to hand in his notice while being interviewed.

This resultant video has been much viewed and resultantly reported and blogged about, in both the Birmingham Mail and many of the Fleet Street and US National Newspapers.

Google CV

A few thoughts, if you are considering posting social media to a publicly accessible place:

  • The speed at which anything can be distributed today is amazing. For example, just see the Vodafone advert where the child watches Manchester Untied on a South East Asian Beach. But even quicker is the speed at which any potential employer can also find such stuff on the web. As I have suggested, why not checkout your own GoogleCV?
  • I wonder if Adam Smith still has a job at the Birmingham Mail, and if so is he covering anything more now than the local council meetings while he works his notice?
  • How will he write this down on his next CV: bring enough to collect 50,000 hits on YouTube, or daft enough to get drunk and resign on video?

And PS: Adam, if you are reading this – NO, I don’t want the job of how to write your next CV!!!

But still, as always – Good Luck!

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