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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008 - recruitment, tutorial

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I read this article this morning, and thought – “does he know what’s going on?” And then I thought – “Hmm: its just a piece of seminar fodder!”

The reality of recruiters, and even employers using web 2.0 is – they already do. We just often at present don’t use it to advertise vacancies…..

In a previous blog, I wrote about how much information there is now out there in the public information space, and how social networking (Web 2.0) was being used by recruiters and employers to more thoroughly vet applicants. Only last week, I coached a pre-grad University student on how grooming and possibly hiding her Facebook and MySpace pages may assist her in both finding employment and on being vetted.

What really amazed me about the article was that, as in example a member of LinkedIn LION’s where an outsized proportion of members are recruiters; they join because of who they want to connect to in both potential candidates as well as other recruiters, so that they can both more easily find people and check them out.

So, just to repeat – if you are looking for a job on either permanent or contract basis, and have a professional pitch to make: just watch what you have about yourselves on your Web 2.0 pages. Honestly, Google and social networking is a god-send in the recruitment market.

Good Luck!


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