What are your thoughts on CV/Resume writing services?

Thursday, August 14th, 2008 - CV Writing

Corey asks: What are your thoughts on resume writing services? I was just contacted by a resume service and the cost was over one thousand dollars. How can spending this much on a CV/Resume service be justified?

In answer:
As a CV/Resume writer, recruiter and someone who employs career coaches, my bias is obvious!

It is always a personal decision as to whether to use a professional services firm for a specific project. As a Certified Resume Writer, I have helped literally thousands of candidates to land great new jobs and promotions. In an overwhelming majority of those cases, the hiring manager or interviewer remarked that the resume was outstanding and was the decisive factor in the decision to award an interview in a highly selective process.

For instance: Would you cut your own hair? Would you wire your own home (and live in it) if you aren’t an electrician? Fix your own car if you aren’t a mechanic? Every day, we pay for services because we seek expertise.

The same holds true with CV/Resume writing. Yes, you can go get a book or find a template for very little money. You can certainly write one yourself. But, are you really willing to take a chance that your CV/Resume isn’t the best it can be? Are you interested in investing the time (time is money) in researching all of the ins and outs to ensure that your CV/Resume is positioned to get you an interview?

It is critical to understand that there is a major difference between a CV/Resume typesetting/formatting service and a certified, experienced resume writing/composition firm. Depending on how much you earn (or hope to earn), the fee may seem a lot of money: and if someone simply writes a resume for you, it is likely that it will seem flat and not personalized. But having your CV/Resume professionally prepared can dramatically increase your chances of being invited to interview and shorten the amount of time you are on the market.

CV/Resume and coaching services provide their greatest benefit when you are looking to change industries, upscale roles, or have been through a period of unemployment. For instance:

– If you are looking to cross industries or change your career track (i.e. tech to general business) a good resume service will help you identify skills and accomplishments that would be otherwise neglected

– If you have faced a period of unemployment, you are likely into a circle of continual rejection. A well written CV/Resume can make a dramatic impact. Once provided with a good resume and some coaching on how to market themselves, people quickly find interview

My suggestion is to check out the service you are to be provided with before handing over your money. If the resume writing service you pay for includes helping you through the placement process (e.g., cover letter, interview prep) then spending some money may be worthwhile. Paying for a package of career management services – including assessments, cover letter, resume, interview prep, etc. – normally costs around £75/$150 per hour and may require anywhere from 2-5 one-hour sessions. This may seem steep but getting the “right” job rather than simply getting “a” job is better in the long run and probably worth the expense if you can afford it.

Our mission at CV4.biz, and the reason I started a CV/Resume service was to advise, encourage and enlighten job seekers. Maybe you don’t want to spend over one thousand dollars on a CV/Resume service, but I hope you’ll keep an open mind about the idea of hiring a resume expert to help you.

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