What interests should I put on CV for a flight attendant?

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009 - CV Interests, How to Write a CV, tutorial

CV Interests

Julie asks: I am wondering what interests should I put for cv as a flight attendant… I have already put a few but it seems too little. Thank you in advance!

In answer:

I think a better question is, do you need to include any interests at all? If they add skills to your application, or show you as more competent for the job, then yes – if not, then no.

For instance, one of the things a flight attendant needs to be able to do is swim, other wise they can’t pass the basic Government authorised safety certification. Many also need to be below a certain size for certain aircraft, so fitness levels are important. Service is also important, so the fact you once did a job in restaurant and now enjoy cooking could also count. These are all core Flight Attendant skills which you couldn’t cover in a jobs section of a CV.

Good Luck!

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