What makes an employee leave within three months of joining?

Thursday, July 31st, 2008 - Blog

What makes an employee leave within three months of joining?


Shatru asks: What makes an employee leave the company within three months of joining?

In answer:
Three areas, in order of occurrence:

  1. They just didn’t fit – covers a whole lot of issues, from them/the employer not being clean and clear about what they wanted. Often, employees will leave before (in their mind/resultant conclusion) being sacked
  2. Their circumstances changed – often job change and life change come together
  3. They got a far better offer – there is undoubtedly some “latency” after your CV comes onto the market

On the whole, going via a recruiter SHOULD in theory reduce the occurrences of issue (1), and the recruiters contract should reflect such a stake in the outcome with a percentage of their fee reliant on a good initial fit/match for all parties.

That means we ask employers to be honest about what/who they want, and have induction programs; we ask candidates to be honest, and in some cases psych tests; and after placement, we call both and meet them regularly to make sure the fit is working – acting in the later part as a “coach.”

When ever candidates ask questions about recruiters, I often say: “Have the courage to ask how their fee’s are paid – its your right as a candidate.” If you find that much is paid up front/as parts of the pre-hire process are completed, then often by conclusion the process is a meat grinder churn of CV collection, and its not about you its about their fee. If their fee is paid more on success of the hire and part is based/refunded on that introductory period, then they are likely to make better choices/take more care – for instance, do they want to meet you/have a few phones calls before they put your details forward?

Recruiters should work for both hiring companies and candidates, not just on fee notes and processes. Often those with a track record of candidates leaving quickly in one company will also have the same duplicate track record elsewhere – and candidates ought to be aware of that, and test how fee’s are paid

Good Luck!


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