What social media/networking sites are must-haves for job-seekers?

Saturday, September 6th, 2008 - job seeking, online cv, social networking

Heidi asks: What social media/networking sites are must-haves for job-seekers? And how are they best used? I’m looking for two-part advice (a) your favourite connection sites and (b) how you use them to connect and promote yourself whether you’re looking for work or not. Thank you!

In answer:
A friend of mine is an online marketeer, and he says – and from my experiences, I agree – that much like a vurtual White Pages telephone directory, that you can find anyone by using three SN’s: LinkedIn; a Social Network (the likes of Facebook or possibly MySapce); and an in-country or in-region business network.

I would add to that for job seekers using other online resources – a Jobs board like Monster and/or Craigslist; and Twitter is a key tool: amazing to see who is listening using TwitterSearch!

Tactically, Twitter works best on a key stages basis (thinking about changing job; dusting down an old CV/Resume; looking at job pages, etc); while the rest are best addressed by changing the words on your profile to make it clear you are a job seeker; and asking questions in forums like this – which is what you are doing at present!

It’s really just about letting people know you are looking, and then defining what you are looking for – those who do the first bit, but don’t know what they want in the second often later post about how bad their job seeking is going: so always think and be clear about your goals.

Good Luck!

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