What’s Love got to do with ….. Successful Job Search?

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012 - job hunting, job search

What’s Love got to do with ….. Successful Job Search?

valentine's day 2012

It’s Valentine’s Day, and I suppose we have to talk above love. What, in the work environment? A few thoughts….

  • While one third of couples meet at work…
  • The number of employment related cases of sexual abuse and harrasment is rising

No, not in that way, in terms of job search!

In the five step process to succesfull job search, one of the things that you can never control is chemistry, specifically between you the job applicant and the hiring manager. Every recruiter, head hunter and human resources person knows this, from practical experience. So much as I may think that candidateA is the better employee, I know that I will – at best – only be right at best 2/3rds of the time, and the hiring manager will pick candidiateB.

So, back to the question: what’s love got to do with successful job search?

If you can’t control the last step of successful job search, then you have to – much as in life and love – accept the odds. Your success at interviews should run at about one job offer per three job applications. If its not, then you either have poor job interview technique, or you are choosing the wrong types of employer. Most often it will be the former, because you have ha to jump a number of hurdles in the employment process to get a job interview.

However, if you can’t control the last step, you can control all the steps up to that point, and hence reduce the rates of rejection.

So, for instance, I’m a guy, and I like intelligent and educated brunettes. So, am I more likely to find these types of people in a bar/disco, or at an art gallery, or on a night course? If you like fun time people, then head for the bar/disco, but for me the answer is else where.

The same thing applies with successful job search. Firstly, go where that type of employer – ideally the hiring manager, alternatively any employee for that type of company – is likely to be. Now, you have to be specific. So much as though a friend may suggest LinkedIn, if you want to be an architect in Reading, then finds groups that are related to architecture and Reading, not just the general front page.

Second, its about the type of conversation that you have. While “I want a date” may work for some, it won’t for most. Much like “I want a job” or “Give us a job” – instant rejection for most employers. What’s the right type of conversation? Start with something around market, sector, profession or that companies latest news feed, ie: something personal to them and on which you can hold a conversation to show your professionalism and abilities.

So, What’s Love got to do with Successful Job Search? Know what you can control, and what you can not.

The simple answer is, focus on job interviews not job applications. While job applications measure the amount of mud thrown at the wall, the number of job interviews say: “Actually, you might be the one!”

Good Luck!

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