What’s the best way to list my latest employer on my CV?

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Chris asks: What’s the best way to list my latest employer on my CV? I was laid off February 20th while under contract. Under the buyout, I still receive a check, but no longer work there. Do I change the dates on my resume to read ” xxxx- Feb 2009″, or do I leave it “xxxx – Present”

Leaving it “- present” seems deceptive, although technically, it’s not incorrect. I’m not hiding the fact I don’t work there any more – I’ve mentioned it right up front to those I’ve talked to or interviewed with (only have had one phone and one in-person interview so far)

However, does changing it to ” – Feb 2009″ hurt my chances of being called for an interview? With all the lay off’s, is there really a stigma anyway, or is it commonplace?

Even if it hurts my chances, I don’t want to misrepresent myself or my situation.

In answer:

You are tending Chris towards the right answer.

Simply, the first rule of writing a CV is to tell the truth. In your case, your mind is correctly leading you to the answer a reference would show – that you left the company in Feb 2009. Career breaks are common these days, and no HR person is going to reject the right person just because he/she took a few months rest

Half of our current customers have around 9-12 months unemployment, a quarter are anticipating lay off’s, and a quarter just want a better CV for a new hire opportunity. I would hence worry less about any perceived stigma that a lay off will have, and focus more on getting the next job. As this recession unwinds, the competition will get more and more fierce.

Good Luck!

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