When marketing goes badly wrong…

Monday, March 24th, 2008 - Marketing

In these modern times, it is often difficult to get traction for start-ups which are new into the market. Markets are crowded and there is much competition, so marketeers are forced to get more – creative. Often this leads to the use of what in modern terms be called “shock and awe” – in other words, I have too shock greatly for you (Mr/Ms Consumer) to notice my product.

Often, this leads to the use of sex in adverts – either in simile usage, or direct “do this, result: have sex:” the Lynx advert is probably the best send-up of the game which high quality perfume manufacturers and brands have been playing for a while.

However, some things don’t need added sex – for instance, the radio advert for this event almost got me to drive off the motorway in shear shock. I wonder if they ask you would like milk with your tea and biscuits…?

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