Which date of birth format on my CV?

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Date of Birth on CV

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Livvy asks: Because I am under 18 I want to put my date of birth on my CV. How should I format it:

  • January 9, 1993
  • 9-1-1993

In answer:
Legally in the UK, the European Union and many states in the United States, under age discrimination laws you don’t need to put your Date of Birth on your CV/resume. If the employer asks for it in the job application, then it is illegal – although as the applicant, you are free to choose to include it

Further, putting your Date of Birth on your CV/resume could put enough data on your Job Application to put your personal security at risk.

Why not just say “recent school leaver” or “enthusiastic under 20 year old” than putting your exact date of Birth? Both say the same thing as your objective.

If you decide to insert your Date of Birth, then use a format which writes the month as a word, rather than a numeral. With the mix of US and European culture, there is a need to be clear in your communication and accepting of different national formats in this international world

Good Luck!


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