Why Should I Employ YOU?

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Why Should I Employ YOU?

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When you are in a Job Search, and have found a suitable position and are undertaking a Job Application, do you answer the question Why Should I Employ You?

When you look at the typical statistics of the CV’s and Job Applications received by employers and recruitment consultants, the answer is a definitive NO:

  • 1/3 Don’t include a Cover Letter
  • 1/3 Don’t highlight the skills they have to match the skills requirements of the job

Leaving 1/3 of the Job Applicants for us to take a better look at, and have a telephone interview with after checking their GoogleCV.

At present, in this difficult economy:

  • The number of applicants is rising, up on average by three fold
  • The number of rejections is also rising
  • The number of wholly valid applicants who communicate their skills is the same numeric number, but a hence falling percentage

Why is this? I think part of the problem is what I have termed the extension of the “Click to Apply” Jobs Board culture.

Jobs Board

You register with a jobs board, you state your skills/geography and upload your CV, and you set a few alerts for job skills sets you would be interested in. Then, every morning the Jobs Board send you an eMail between 09:00 and 10:00, and you simply click to apply – to all of them, with one click

Look at this now from my point of view as a recruiter, or the typical HR Professional. I have spend around 100hoiurs/£3,500 getting a job signed off, and you send me a generic CV application. Am I likely to be engaged and impressed and call you, or reject you?

The generic CV is dead – always was, always will be, and if you send one as a Job Application in response to a Job Advert, the only time you will be called is if the skills in the advert match those on your CV, or if the employer is desperate. In this economy, no employer is desperate – there is always someone at present wanting that job more than you are.

Successful Job Application

So, how do you get more telephone calls from employers, HR professionals and recruiters? Follow these lessons:

  • Only apply for jobs which you have the required skills for – read the advert, pick out the four to six key skills. Don’t get rejected before you apply!
  • Do your research – ensure that you at least read the companies website and latest news from Google before applying. You are trying to pick up on their business, strategy, plans and culture
  • Show you have the required skills – make sure that in your Cover Letter, Personal Objective and throughout your Professional CV that those skills appear in the same order as the Job Advert, and fully evidenced
  • Focus your Personal Statement on THAT job and THAT company – show the additional value you bring or have ABOVE the required skill sets
  • Market your key skills – ensure that you not only have the advertised required skills, but also additionally know what the other key skills the employer likes
  • Demonstrate cultural fit – the next stage of the Job Application process is to ensure Cultural Fit. You can only attempt this if you have undertaken research, and can echo back some key personal objectives within your CV

To ensure more interviews, simply – show you have the advertised skills, some additional beneficial skills, and have shown and evidence them fully.

Good Luck!


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