Would you interview for a job if you were on crutches?

Sunday, August 10th, 2008 - CV Writing

Patty, a job seeker, asks: I am not quite sure how to approach this situation. I broke my foot and will be having surgery this week. I will be on crutches for 6 weeks Should I suspend my job search, until I am on solid ground? Or try and push any interviews back? How will a company view my candidacy if I arrive for the interview on crutches?

In answer:
If it won’t have a negative impact on your long term health, absolutely 100% YES!

A second invitation to interview may not happen. Secondly, a candidate that does not allow a broken foot to be an obstacle shows an employer that you are indeed a serious professional who will persevere in the face of challenge. Breaking your foot may have a silver lining for you.

Although your mobility is negatively affected, your intelligence, skills, unique competences and ability to communicate effectively remain intact and so should be your willingness of looking for a new job. Plus it shows the potential employer your determination and ability to handle diverse and challenging situations – employers love people who can do that!

Assuming that you will have an interview during your time of convalescence, make sure you explain the situation before hand and check that the interview is held in an easily accessible location. I am sure that the interviewer who could be your next employer, will understand that you have suffered from an accident where you have broken your foot, and will be comprehensive enough to recognize positively the courage that you have had and the effort that you have done in attending a scheduled interview.

Its the “how its handled” gain which is your silver lining here. Of course, this advice is not comprehensive to all such ailments or situations – appearing with a cold let alone thinking of doing so with flu would have a wholly negative effect; and appearing on a stretcher would be considered over zealous. Arriving late is not recommended, but pre-communication of that and management of the situation in extenuating circumstances – like during power cuts or in case of accidents – is acceptable.

Good Luck!

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One Response to “Would you interview for a job if you were on crutches?”

  1. Chief Wounded Knee Says:

    Thanks for your post. I am going through this right now – unemployed with a dislocated knee! I have two interviews scheduled in the next two weeks and they know about my knee and still they are moving forward. I hope they keep me in mind. Any advice during interviews?

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