Would you put a link to one of your online profiles on your CV/Resume?

Thursday, August 21st, 2008 - curriculum vitae, Job Application, resume

Ben asks: Would you put a link to one of your online professional profiles (eg – LinkedIn), on your CV/Resume? If so how would you do it, if not why not?

In answer:
There are hundreds if not thousands of things to put in your CV/Resume before links to off paper items.

The purpose of a CV/Resume is to get you the interview – period. Hence, once you have created enough interest and momentum for the potential employer to pick up the phone for a chat, THEN and only then is it worth to you adding additional elements like your LinkedIn profile to the discussion to further substantiate claims in a CV/Resume that you take issues like professional development, knowledge and networking seriously, and can show that with real evidence that makes a positive difference.

A LinkedIn profile is not a CV/Resume – it is a professional career summary at best focused on networking with like minded people, and not an initial document to get you an interview.

Here’s a thought – what happens if you do make space to put it in? You probably have to leave something else out or use a smaller font. If you leave it out, and focus on answering the “get the interview” skills questions, and hence your CV/Resume makes it past the paper shift – then if they are a member of LinkedIn, they can easily find you, right? Then and only then does it add value.

It is your decision at the end of the day, because its your job application – but the balance of opinion professionally at present is no!

Good Luck!

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