Writing a Good CV

Monday, July 23rd, 2012 - Writing a Good CV

Writing a Good CV

Apart from using our own Professional CV Writing Service, which guarantees you a job interview in 30days or less, last week we covered the world’s quickest, easiest and fastest way to Writing a CV

This week we go one step further, and cover Writing a Good CV

Differences between a CV and a Good CV

  • First question: what’s the difference?
  • Second question: how much extra time does this take?

I’ll cover the first question first, but the real answer is in the second question as to which method you adopt.

The difference between Writing a CV and creating a Good CV personally is measured in three aspects:

  1. Number of jobs applied for
  2. How close the job secured is to your ideal job
  3. Finally, the amount of time taken in total job search (ie: from deciding to look for a new job, to actually accepting an offer)

One of the things I quickly learnt about good job seekers, was that they had two key advantages:

  • They knew what they were looking for next in their ideal job/career plan
  • They knew the state of the employment market

As a result, through better communication which created better Rapport, they hence spent less in job search than other job seekers, getting employed in less than 30days and 5 or less job applications.

In the next post, Writing a Great CV, we will concentrate on the personal factors to get you closer to getting that ideal/great career plan job. This post focus on adapting your CV to that good job that you have seen on a jobs board/in a newspaper, and improving your chances of getting a job interview.

This advice hence fits between that given in Writing a CV, and submission within a job application….. (hence why the nubering starts at 14!)

How To Write a Good CV

  1. Baseline CV: right now, you what is technically termed a baseline CV. Yes, you could use this for job applications, but its not customised to that particular job application. That’s what these steps are about
  2. SQE Match check: the employer has specified the 5/8 competencies (skills, qualifications, experiences) that they want in the job advert. Read the job advert three times: does this job sound right for you? If yes, then print it out, and then highlight all the competencies using a highlighter pen. Now find the same words in your CV. Ideally, the employer wants a match on all of them, and in these tough economic times, they can afford to be choosey.
  3. Being honest with yourself: having highlighted the required competencies, beig honest with yourself, do you have at least 80% of them (ie: could you reach that level if you modified your CV?). If not, then find another job to apply for
  4. Psychology of reading CV’s/constructing them to be read: as the employer/reader, you want quick confirmation in the first half page of the CV that it is worth reading all 2 pages. Hence, can you find the competencies mentioned in the first half page is essential? Therefore as the job applicant, you have to “tick” each of the required competencies in that first half page, ie: your perosnal statement  and current position.
  5. Adjusting your CV, step1 – vetting: adjust your CV so that all of the required competencies appear in the top half of page1, either in your personal statement or current position. Now ideally you would use the exact words used in the job advert, but doing so would make you look like a CV liar. So don’t do that, but use 70% of the words but ideally order them in the same order that they appear in the job advert
  6. Adjusting your CV, step2 – more meat: now that we have got past vetting, when reading the rest of your CV the employer will look for more experience and ability to deliver around that competency. Now adjust each of your job positional statements to better reflect the required criteria, ie: focus on this competencies; expand and use similar words; order them in the same order as the job advert
  7. Check, check and check again: now go back through your CV, and check that you have the required competencies: in the top half of the first page of your CV; expanded and in the same order in the rest of your CV. Then get someone to read it through for you, and use of free CV review service, to make sure that you have got it right
  8. The Applicant Tracking System trick: if you are applying via an Applicant Tracking System, then there is just one more adjustment that you can make before submission. I will cover this in a later post, but it adds another cycle to the checking

Before you submit your CV

A couple of checks before you submit your CV:

  • Check – musts haves: name, address, contact details (phone and eMail address), job being applied for
  • Check – not required: due to various pieces of legislation, there is now no need to include your date of birth, sex, sexual orientation, or marital status
  • References: It’s good to have two or more people who can provide a work or personal reference. Ideally, one should be your most recent employer. If you haven’t worked for a while it could be someone who has known you for a long time. It should be someone who can comment on your qualities in relation to the job. You should ask the person to agree to this beforehand.

How to use your CV

Send your CV with a covering letter or email asking companies if they have any current or future vacancies. Use your CV to help you remember all the dates and information you need each time you need to fill in an application form. When applying for jobs by phone it can help if you are asked to give more information about previous jobs. Having your CV with you while you’re waiting to be called in to an interview can help refresh your memory. You can also leave a copy with the interviewer if they do not already have one. Recruitment agencies may sometimes ask to see your CV before you can register with them.

Good Luck!


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